D2L Brightspace: Unable to Enable LockDown Browser


Not all my quizzes are showing up in the LockDown Browser Dashboard.


When one or more Quizzes do not show in the LockDown Browser Dashboard in D2L Brightspace, it is typically due to a nullor an empty value in the Submissions View Message field. This is a sporadic issue and might occur after a course copy.

The quickest way to resolve the problem is to enter some text (even a blank space) in the Message field and save the quiz again:

1. Navigate to your course offering

2. Click the Assessment menu

3. Click the arrow next to the title of the Quiz

4. Select Edit Quiz from the drop-down menu

5. Click the Submissions Views tab

6. Click the Default View link

7. In the View Properties page, click in the Message text box and enter a space or an end of quiz message

8. Click the Save button

Learn more about LockDown Browser and get helpful resources for instructors and students on the Resondus website.



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Wed 2/16/22 5:10 PM
Tue 3/22/22 11:51 AM