Customer Request for Surplus Pickup From Their Office


How do I arrange for IT to pick-up a computer for surplus?


  1. Contact the IT Solutions Center at (507) 389-6654 or
  2. Provide the IT Solutions Center with the asset tag number, location, and contact number of the requester.
  3. Keep the computer in a secure place such as your office or department office (Please do not put the computer in the hallway).
  4. A member of IT Solutions will pick the computer up and securely scrub the computer's hard drive and then surplus the computer.

Note: IT Solutions Surplus will only pick up a device which houses a hard drive. Examples may include things such as: PC/Mac Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, Phone, or external hard drive. Facilities surplus will be responsible for picking up any monitors, keyboards, mice, or other computer peripherals. Please fill out the following surplus form for non-computer surplus: Facilities Surplus Pickup Form  



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Tue 1/18/22 11:54 AM
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