Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start Mac


Now that I have access to Cisco Jabber, how do I install and configure it? 


Now that Cisco Jabber Client is installed on my PC how do I get started with my audio settings, making and receiving calls. Please note that some of the features available in the client for the PC will be different than on a Mac. Features that appear grayed out are not available to you.

If you need to install Jabber, please see the Installation article.


Please note the following before starting:

  1. Jabber Direct allows connection without VPN connection and is encouraged for individual jabber use.
  2. For individuals that are part of a call center you will need to be connected to our local network. Either on campus or through a VPN connection.
    1. Help installing the VPN can be found in our knowledge article: VPN Client Installation
    2. Our knowledge article: Locating and running vpn on windows can help you get the client launched and connected on your Windows computer.
    3. Our knowledge article: Locating and running vpn on a mac can help you get the client launched and connected on your Mac computer.


Jabber Audio Settings:

  1. Click on the My profile and Settings button, then click on the setting option


  1. Alternatively you can click on the gear menu in the upper right of the window and then click settings
  2. Click on the Audio tab



  1. Click on the drop down menu to change your ringer device(s). These devices are where the phone will ring when a call is incoming
  2. Use the slider bar to adjust the ringer volume



  1. Click on the drop down menu to change the output. This is the speaker that will play the other persons voice through.
  2. Click the play button to test. Use the slider bar to adjust volume.


  1. Click on the drop down menu to change the audio input method. This is the device that will capture your voice and allow others to hear you
  2. Click the slider bar to adjust the sensitivity. The bar below will show activity

Switching to new microphone or speaker if connected:

  1. Click the apply button to apply changes
  2. Click the ok button to save and close
  3. Click the cancel button to revert changes



Jabber Making Calls:

  1. Once logged into the Jabber client you will be presented with the following home screen. On the left hand side will be three options

  1. Clicking on the top account button will open account settings
  2. Clicking on the phone icon will show the call log both incoming and outgoing

NOTE: There will be a number in a red circle if you have a missed call

  1. Clicking on the calendar will open the calendar view

NOTE: This requires additional setup

  1. Clicking on the tape icon will show voicemails
  2. To dial a number you can click in the search or call box and begin to type a name and results will appear. Hover over the desired number and click the green button to call

  1. Alternatively, click on the number pad to the right of the search box to pull open the keypad




Jabber Answering an Incoming Call:


  1. An incoming call will appear in a window like this, click on the answer button to take the call, click the decline button to divert the call


Jabber Active call settings:

  1. Active call window appears like the one below

  1. During an active call there will be a number of buttons along the bottom of the screen, moving from left to right:
    1. Mute button is used to mute the call
    2. Video button is used to turn your video on or off
    3. Screen share button is used to turn screen sharing on or off
    4. Dial pad is used to dial another number

  1. Options menu can be used to put a call on hold, transfer, merge or conference

  1. End call button is used to end the call
  2. Volume button is located in the upper right corner of the call window. The options button will take you to the audio preferences tab in the setting menu



Jabber General Call Settings

  1. Open settings by clicking on the Account button, then click on the setting option
    • Alternatively you can click on the gear menu in the upper right of the window and then click settings
  2. Click on the Calls tab
  3. Select the option to never start calls with video. This option if preferred due to some inconsistencies that trigger the video to automatically start





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