What is the process for a user whose wireless is disabled due to infection?


I received a notification that my wireless was disabled because I was infected by a virus, what do I do now?


An infection notification will be received in a user’s e-mail inbox when either malicious network traffic, data leakage, or else communication to known bad server was detected from their computer.

Before Information Security can re-enable the client's device on the campus network, they will require a log file from a virus scanning engine stating that the device is clean.

The general procedure is as follows:

  1. IT Security will generate the ticket and assign ticket to a Security student worker.
  2. The user will bring their computer to the IT Solutions Center, or request that we visit their office on campus to run a virus scan.
  3. The Solutions Center will either assist the client in running a virus scan or else run the virus scan for the client (as decided by their contract with the student/staff/faculty). See article ID 18863 for instructions.
  4. Upon completion of the scan, the Solutions Center will create a task and assign it to the IT System Management Team. The Solutions Center will attach the log file of the scan to the task.
  5. The IT System Management will verify the log file.
  6. The IT System Management will then re-enable the user on the campus wireless.
  7. If they do not respond within one week (7 days) of the initial correspondence, close the incident.

For detailed information on how to run MalwareBytes, see article 18863.


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