Downloading Mathematica on a Personal Computer


How do I download Mathematica on my personal device?


If you are looking to install Mathematica if you have the installers:

The MSU, Mankato license of Mathematica can be provided to students and faculty access to a home use program of the software.  Starting on 11-7-2022 we have switched over to something called Single Sign On or SSO.  This removes the need for each year having to get a new activation code as you use your Office 365 login to get into the software and also access additional online resources.

  1. Navigate to Products & Services - Wolfram Account.
  2. Enter your MSU email address.
    • wolfram email signin
  3. Enter one of the following:
    • Student:
        • office365 signin student
    • Employee
        • office365 signin employee​​​​​​​
  4. Enter your password.
    • office365 password login
  5. You should be prompted for your MFA.  Follow the prompts on the screen as they may very depending on how you have your MFA setup.
  6. If prompted to stay signed in, select the option you would like.
  7. You should now be on the Products & Services page for your account.   This will display all the items you have access to.
  8. You will want to click on Wolfram Mathematica Site License (Minnesota State university at Mankato).
    • Wolfram Products & Services list
  9. You should see a section listed as Access.  It should detect your operating system of the computer you are on.
  10. Click on Download.
    • Wolfram products & services plan details
    • Note:  If you need it for a different operating system click on the arrow to the right pointing down.  This will allow you to select another operating system.
      1. Windows
      2. Mac
      3. Linux


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