Create a New Bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System


How do I create a bulletin in the Carousel system? 


1.     From your desktop, open a Web Browser and go to
2.     Log onto your FrontDoor account
3.     Click on Carousel at the top of the list
4.     Click on New Bulletin at the top of the list
5.     Click the second yellow tab named Uploaded
6.     At the top of the list, click Upload an image file
7.     Click the Choose File Button
8.     Select the desired image you want to upload and click Upload
9.     Name your bulletin and click Continue
10.   You can now edit what days you want it to be up, for more options, click the Moreā€¦ button
11.   The more options will allow you to edit:

  • How long you want to display the bulletin
  • How you would like to transition into the bulletin
  • If you would like to play a sound clip along with the bulletin
  • If background audio should be faded down for the bulletin
  • What the description is for the bulletin
  • If you want this bulletin to display on the web site
  • Bulletin tags

12.     Click Finish
13.     Click OK


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Thu 1/20/22 9:40 AM
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