Setup a Conference Call


How do I set up a conference call? 


There are two options for conference calls: a Meet-Me Conference Call and a Conference Now Conference Call. Both are great options for conference calling but have slightly different setups and capabilities. 


Option 1: Meet-Me Conference Call 


Meet-Me Conference Call allows other callers to dial into the conference call from anywhere but can only be initiated by the host on campusThis requires a special conference number which must be reserved through IT Solutions for every conference call. 



Setting up/Reserving the call (host): 


  1. Request a conference phone number, date, and time by contacting Julie Keck at 507.389.2226 or the IT Solutions Center at 507.389.6654
  • The assigned dial-in number is authorized only for the specific date and time specified in the user's request. A new request is required for each conference session to avoid individuals dialing into someone else's conference call by mistake


  1. Inform meeting participants in advance of the following information: 
  • Conference phone number and time and date to call

Note that if they get a busy signal, they have called too early


Initiating the call (host): 

Upon date and time of the conference, the host must use a Cisco IP phone on campus to dial in and initiate. 

  1. Take the phone off hook
  1. Press the?More?soft key to display the?Meet-Me?tab
  1. Press?Meet Me?soft key
  1. Dial the assigned four-digit Meet-Me conference phone number to establish the meeting 
  1. Only the initiator needs to select 'More'/'Meet Me

Joining the call (participants): 

  1. Dial in to the meeting using the assigned number
  1. Dial like any phone call—they do not select 'More' or 'Meet Me'
  1. On campus phones, dial the 4-digit conference extension same as any other MSU number
  1. Long-distance participants will need to dial 507-389-(4-digit conference extension number)



Option 2: Conference Now Conference Call 

The Conference Now feature allows other callers to dial into the conference call from anywhere by dialing into a directory number. You do not need to be on campus to initiate or participate in a Conference Now call. You do not need to call IT Solutions to reserve – instead, you can initiate it at any time by yourself. * The Conference Now phone number is always 389-1004. 

*If this is your first time setting up a conference call, please contact Julie Keck in IT Solutions at 507.389.2226 for your initial setup. Future Conference Now calls can be done entirely on your own. 


Before the call (host): 


Let your participants know the following information:  

  1. Date and time of the call 
  1. Meeting number (this is your 4-digit phone number + #) 
  1. Attendee code 
  • The attendee code will initially be set up by IT Solutions and should be changed on the Configure Your Phone page before each new conference call in the Cisco Portal for security reasons


Initiating the call (host): 

  1. From any phone, call into 389-1004 
  1. Enter meeting number (this is your 4-digit phone number + #) 
  1. Enter PIN number + #  
  • Your PIN number is initially set up for you by IT Solutions. You can change it on the Configure Your Phone Page in the Cisco Portal if you would like. 

Joining the call (participants): 

  1. Call 389-1004 
  1. Enter meeting number (this is the host’s 4-digit phone number + #) 

Enter attendee code given by the host 



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