Set Up Speed Dial on Cisco Desk Phone


How do I setup speed dials on my phone?


How to set up a speed dial: 

Speed dials must be set up online using the Cisco Portal

  1. In a web browser, go to the Cisco Portal 
  2. Log in with your StarID an StarID passwordIf you don’t currently have permission, contact Julie Keck
  3. In the left menu, click Phone Settings
  4. Click Speed Dial Numbers
  5. Click Add New Speed Dial
  6. Enter the phone number in the Number/URI box (9+ digits)
  7. Add a description in the Label (Description) box
  8. Add your desired speed dial number in the Speed Dial box
  9. Click Save

How to use speed dials on your phone: 

  1. With the phone on the hook, dial one of the speed dials codes you have programmed
  2. Press the AbbrDial soft key

Lift handset or stay in hands-free mode. 



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