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D2L Brightspace: Unable to Upload Documents

-academic-technology-services/technology-tools-for-teaching-and-learning/screen-and-lecture-capture/media-space/   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Linking LinkedIn Learning Videos

Question How do I link videos from LinkedIn Learning into D2L? Overview We strongly recommend that you add language in your syllabus or D2L course that directs students to create their

Respondus Monitor or Respondus LockDown Browser not launching for students in D2L Brightspace

Respondus Lock Down Browser:

Flipgrid: How to Sign On/Access a Flipgrid Educator's Account

learning ... and hear from every student in class. It is one tool you can use to create a social online learning environment. Get Started with Flipgrid. Overview  To take advantage of the Flipgrid tool

University Communication Tools

A a comprehensive guide of resources to help University faculty and staff best communicate messages to their audience about emergencies, news, events, or other announcements. ... Question How do I communicate campus-wide messages? How do I share information with the campus audiences? What communications tools are available for marketing campaigns? Quick links

FlexSync Classroom: Camera or View Froze for Zoom Particpants

Question How do I fix a frozen camera or view for zoom participants in a FlexSync Classroom? Overview In the technology rack at the teachers’ station, find the Vaddio Box. This technology

D2L Brightspace: Bongo Video Assignment

enterprise, premium licensed technology and has no license limitations for use. Both instructors and students have access to Media Space and is fully integrated into D2L Brightspace. Bongo Video

D2L Brightspace: Data Requests

their own course data, competencies/learning outcomes data for program assessment, and IRB approved research. Requests are submitted to a governance process; they must meet specific criteria and be

D2L Brightspace: Key Things to Know About Sections

roles are restricted by Section, they can only see the Section they are enrolled in. Teachers: may view and filter Sections in the Classlist and use Section to restrict or filter other tools like

D2L Brightspace: Associate Grades with Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes

quizzes ... playlist walks you through the steps to set-up Grades and associate Grades with other tools in your course for benefits like: Quick and up to date gradebook by syncing grades from other

Renting a IT Solutions Academic Computer Center Lab(s)

Question How can I rent a IT Solutions computer lab? What does it cost to rent a computer lab? Overview Learning Space - Rental: IT Solutions will rent the Academic Computer Center labs

Turnitin®: How to Log in/Access

to access your account on Navigate to Click on the login link in the upper right-hand corner Under the email and password boxes, click on the Forgot your

DVD Player Not Working

Question Why won't the DVD player work? Overview Verify you have selected DVD on the touch panel Verify the DVD player is turned on (You should see a blue light coming from the front of

Connect to VIA Wireless in a Classroom

Question How do I present wirelessly in classrooms Overview Prerequisites Before beginning, be sure you’ve downloaded the Kramer VIA app and installed it on your device. Mac

D2L Brightspace: Editing Groups

Question Questions related to article here Overview You can edit group enrollment in the Groups tool. To edit group enrollment: Click the Communication drop down menu on the course