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Browser - Clear Cache

 Settings Tap Safari Tap Clear History and Website Data  Tap confirm Quit the browser Chrome for iOS Tap Chrome menu > Settings Tap Privacy Tap Clear Browsing Data Check the data to clear Tap Clear Browsing Data   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Import a Course Package

view a final import summary screen with a list of any notes or warnings. For example, if you import a content topic that is not associated with a module, a module is created for it and this action is

How to Forward a Cisco Desk Phone to a University-Provided Cell Phone

, press the CFwdALL button on your Cisco phone. You will hear a beep and the Forwarded to 9xxxxxxx message will go away NOTES: Call forwarding will work with local cell numbers To forward to

Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

permissions include access to: Calendar Tasks Inbox Contacts Notes Depending on your relationship with the person you’re sharing these items with you will want to choose one

Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication Compatible Email Clients

2019 - Windows or Mac Outlook 365 - Windows/Mac Outlook 2016 - Windows or Mac Outlook App - Android or iOS Native Mail App - iOS 11 or later Mac Mail - Mac OS 10.14 or later Thunderbird 77.0b1 and later   Request Help

Cisco Jabber Client: Call Center Initial Setup

installed there are a few steps to get logged in. The user should receive information about their pin regarding their Call Center Login for Jabber from Julie Keck   NOTE: The following before

Windows Printer Installation Verification

have them add you to the appropriate printer group   NOTE: If at any point you experience issues, please contact the Solution Center   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Change Email Address

be changed. Here is some information to help you navigate your email (MavMAIL/Office 365) connected to D2L Brightspace.   Most faculty, emeritus, and some teacher's assistants will notice they

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start Mac

you need to install Jabber, please see the Installation article.   Please note the following before starting: Jabber Direct allows connection without VPN connection and is encouraged for

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start PC

available to you.   Please note the following before starting: Jabber Direct allows connection without VPN connection and is encouraged for individual jabber use For individuals that are part

Change Default Email Address to

Mankato website.  It says I don't belong to a group that has access.  How do I fix that? Overview Note: If your contact primary email is already set to the address you don't have to

Customer Requesting a SharePoint site

person(s) authorized to make or request permission changes. Who will need contribute (read/write) access to the site? Who will need view only (read only) access to the site?   NOTE

Forward email in Office 365

start forwarding. Note for Employees:  This is just for student accounts.  Minnstate plans on blocking and removing forwards in the future for employee accounts due to the content employee emails may contain. Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Data Requests

departments/programs using the competencies toolNote: This requires prior set-up with an instructional designer and D2L administrator D2L Brightspace Data Sets:  Contains raw, user-level

Account locked out

Forget. Note:  It is considered best practice to forget any Wi-Fi connections that appear in that you don't commonly use or any old ones. Note:  Going forward you should use eduroam