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Forward to External Phone Number on Zoom Phone

Use this article to set up call forwarding to an external number from the Zoom Portal or Yealink desk phone. ... part of your Zoom account. *Please note that Minnesota State University Mankato is currently in the process of transitioning all employees from the Cisco phone system to the Zoom phone service

Zoom: Sign In on Chromebook Using University Account

Question How do I use Zoom from a Chromebook? Overview Signing into and using Zoom: Zoom meetings can be accessed directly from a Zoom meeting invitation that has been sent to you

iOS Mail App: Action Required to Access Your Email

Click Delete Account Follow the instructions to Set up MavMAIL on iPhone   Request Help

How to Change Your Primary Number on Zoom Phone

Use this article to change your primary number for your Zoom Phone if you are linked to more than one phone number. ... your extension number. This means if a caller is routed to you through the main company number, the line associated with the primary number will be used. Sign in to the Zoom web portal Click

Transfer Active Call Directly to a Voicemail Box

Need to transfer a call to someone but you want to bypass the ring? Follow these steps to transfer a call directly to a voicemail box. ... Question How can I transfer or forward a call directly to someone's voicemail box?  Overview Zoom Phone App:  When on an active call, select the Transfer button Type in the extension

Alcohol Wise Student Login Issues

Question How do I get support for issues with Alcohol-Wise  Overview An error may occur during login to the Alcohol-Wise class from Student Health Services. If their primary contact email

MavPRINT Touchless Printing

How to use MavPRINT Touchless Printing for quick and sanitary printing. ... touchless ... .  Students who use MavPRINT can quickly release a document or file to be printed on a MavPRINT printer using a smartphone and the QR code on the MavPRINT printer. No need to sign in using the MavPRINT

Create a New Bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System

Question How do I create a bulletin in the Carousel system?  Overview 1.     From your desktop, open a Web Browser and go to 2

Create a New Bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System

Overview This article goes over how an individual may create a new bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System Resolution 1.     From your desktop, open a Web Browser and go to http

Change Your Email Address and Name in MavMAIL

name can replace your first, middle, and/or last name. You can create or edit your preferred name through E-services: Log in to E-Services Click Account Management Click Name and Address

Setup Outlook with a Department E-mail Account

              Faculty and Staff: You may need to repeat step 11 again if it prompts for your login information. If not proceed to step 13 Click Finish Close any open

Call Blocking on Zoom Phone

the reason for blocking call: Spam or Other Reasons. Click Block. Managing Blocked Calls Log in to the Zoom web portal.  In the left navigation menu, select Phone. Click the Settings

Forward email in Office 365

Question How do I forward email in MavMAIL? Overview Note:  This is only for student email accounts.  Employee email accounts can't be forwarded. Log into MavMAIL. In the upper right

Zoom: Sign In on Windows with University Account

. After 30 minutes, the user should be able to try again Select Open Zoom Meetings from the prompt If it does not automatically prompt you, select Launch Zoom on the webpage Your Zoom application should now be logged in as shown below Request Help

Frozen Crestron touchpanel

How do I fix the touchpad in the class room, that isn't letting me click on things? ... touch-panel ... Overview This article goes over how to trouble shoot the touchpad model TPS-1700. Resolution If the Touchpad is model TPS-1700, follow the steps below: 1.     Turn touchpad over. 2