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FlexSync Classroom: Manage Participants

controls, then tap the ellipsis icon Tap Manage Participants Tap Mute All to mute all participants Tap the arrow in the row of a participant to show options for that specific participant To close the Participants menu, tap the X icon Request Help

Microsoft Always on VPN

if you were locally on campus for many of the services and systems you are used to connecting to such as MavDISK, logging into your computer after resetting your StarID password, Windows Updates, ISRS

How to Access MavLabs using Chromebook

Question How to use MavLabs in chromebook? Overview In order to access MavLAB computer resources you will need a remote desktop client. We are recommending Microsoft Remote Desktop, which

D2L Brightspace: Bongo Video Assignment

External Learning Tool link created in the Content module. This link is how your students can access the assignment and where instructors can view submissions. Note: If you add a due date or a grade to this

Send Computers to 7700 France

Overview All computers to and from 7700 France Location will be sent through intercampus mail  NOTE: They must fit in the blue plastic USPS bin 1. Update ticket with location of computer and when it goes to the mail 2. Wrap and label computer 3. Place in intercampus mail

How to Identify Spam and Phishing Emails

information-security ... legitimate, but it is important to look for other suspicious items like these. Do not click on links that are in a suspicious or unusual email.   Never download an attachment if you

Add/Remove Modules Lumension

Overview This article goes over how one may add/remove modules on Lumension. Resolution 1.     Once logged into Lumension hover over Manage, then select Endpoints. 2.     If there are

Set Up Speed Dial on Cisco Desk Phone

Question How do I setup speed dials on my phone? Overview How to set up a speed dial:  Speed dials must be set up online using the Cisco Portal In a web browser, go to the Cisco

How to Print to PDF File on Windows

copy on your computer than printing it. The procedure is similar on Mac devices.    Open the document to be printed. Click File in the upper left corner of the window and then select Print

Adobe Asking for Sign-In on Windows PCS Before Opening PDFs

Question How can I open a PDF if I am unable to sign-in to Adobe?  Overview When opening a PDF on my Windows PC Adobe is asking me to sign in. To resolve this so that you can open your PDF

Zoom: Sign In on Chromebook Using University Account

Question How do I use Zoom from a Chromebook? Overview Signing into and using Zoom: Zoom meetings can be accessed directly from a Zoom meeting invitation that has been sent to you

Change Default Email Address to

MinnState institutions are assigned to this email account, so this inbox will accept any email sent to all of these addresses. However, your FROM: address will have to be selected as directed in steps 1

D2L Brightspace: Question Library

: Organizing the Question Library Tutorial Video - Direct Link About the Question Library What is the Question Library? The Question Library in Quizzes allows you to store Quiz questions for easy

Adobe Error - You Don't Have Access to Manage Apps

Question How do I fix the error "You don't have access to manage these apps?"  Overview If a user is logging into creative cloud and cannot download any apps with the error "You don't have

FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Viewers Hearing a Constant High Pitch Squeal and other Microphone Issues

Question How do I fix the zoom viewers hearing a constant high pitch squeal?  Overview In the rack at the teachers station find the Vaddio box. This rack is on the teaching side, and