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D2L Brightspace: Submit a request for third-party software integration

variety of Third Party Software that have learning tool integrations (LTIs) with D2L Brightspace. These integrations allow single click sign on, grade book sync, and linking items to Content, among

D2L Brightspace: About Saving/Exporting Course Materials

students' submissions? Overview The guide below shows you how to save course materials outside of D2L Brightspace including: Assignment Submissions Discussion Posts Export Course Materials Grades Quiz Attempts Save Courses from Inactivation/Deletion Process   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Display Letter Grade

Question Why can't students see letter grades in D2L? Overview To display letter grades in D2L Brightspace Grades: 1. Click on the Assessment tab in the course offering 2. Click Grades

D2L Brightspace: Instructor Access

:// Login with your StarID and Password. Locate your courses in the My Courses widget or the Course Selector waffle icon. What does Instructor of Record mean? To be

D2L Brightspace: Setup Automatic Feedback in Quizzes

Question How do I provide automatic feedback on questions in a D2L quiz? Overview To set-up automatic feedback in D2L Quizzes there are two steps: 1. Create the questions and add the

Respondus: Enable Respondus LockDown Browser

Question  How do I set-up LockDown Browser? How do I add Respondus to Quizzes in D2L Brightspace? Overview Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing

Turnitin: Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace

Question What is Turnitin Online Grading? How do I set-up the Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace Assignments? Overview The Turnitin Online Grading tool allows

Turnitin: Set-up Turnitin In D2L Brightspace

Question How do I set-up a Turnitin Similarity Report In D2L Brightspace? Overview Click on the Assessment tab, click Assignments from the menu. Click the arrow next to title of the

D2L Brightspace: About Discussions

Question How do I create small group discussions in D2L Brightspace? How do I reply to a Discussion thread in D2L Brightspace? Why can't my students see discussions forums/topics in D2L

D2L Brightspace: Adding questions to the Question Library

Question How to add questions to the Question Library? Overview What is the Question Library? The Question Library in Quizzes allows you to store Quiz questions for easy reuse within a

D2L Brightspace: Email Group Members

Question My instructor says I have groups set up in D2L - how do I find out who is in my group? How do I email members of my group from D2L Brightspace? Overview There are two ways to email

D2L Brightspace: Retaking a Quiz with Incorrect Questions Only

Question How do I allow students to retake a quiz with incorrect questions only? Overview To set-up a quiz so students retake a D2L Brightspace quiz with incorrect questions only: Edit

D2L Brightspace: Shuffle Quiz Question Order

Question How do I shuffle the order of quiz questions for each student? Overview To shuffle the question order in a D2L Brightspace quiz: Edit the Quiz. Click the arrow next to the

D2L Brightspace: Add a Profile Picture

Question How do I add my profile picture to D2L Brightspace?  Overview Add a Profile picture in D2L Brightspace: Click your name in the top right corner of the screen. Click Profile

D2L Brightspace: Share an Award

can share a certificate from a D2L Brightspace course with a link and/or by download. Download To download a PDF certificate file: In your D2L Brightspace course click the Assessments menu