Curricular Practical Training (CPT) requirements

As an international student you must secure the training opportunity before CPT can be authorized. 

  • Positions must be related to your field of study/declared major. 
  • Your academic advisor must approve you to be off campus and secure permission for the proper course and have them sign the CPT form. 
  • Must be registered for proper internship class in the semester that you want CPT. 
  • Be sure that you have a job offer letter on letterhead from the employer that includes: 
    • Company/institution name and address  
    • Brief job description 
    • Dates of your employment (both start and end dates) 
    • Number of proposed week hours per week 
    • Signature from hiring authority 

Please note that your immigration advisor at the Kearney Center determines your eligibility for CPT. To fully understand eligibility, kindly click this link and read carefully; 


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Thu 6/8/23 11:42 AM