Course repeats

Repeating a course means re-enrolling and retaking the same course. The course with the best grade will retain its earned credits and be included in the GPA. The other course (or courses, if the same class has been repeated before), will no longer earn credit and not be included in GPA calculations. 
Students may repeat any course in an effort to improve grades. All repeated courses will appear on the student's academic transcript and will count as attempted credits in calculations of credit completion rate and total credits attempted. 
For each repeated course, the highest grade earned will be the only grade included in GPA calculations. When a student withdraws from a repeated course and receives a grade of W, the last letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, NC) will be used in GPA calculations. 

Individual departments and major programs may limit the number of course repeats that apply to their major or minor.  Individual departments and major programs also may determine whether all course attempts and grades received will be used in the GPA computation for program admission or for competition of major. 


For more information please visit our Course Repeats page


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