Application procedure for Optional Practical Training (OPT)

STEP ONE: First, apply for graduation through Graduation Services. Then, complete the OPT FORM. Do not forget to have your Academic Advisor (not your Immigration Advisor) complete the box at the bottom of the form. Email your OPT form and Application for Graduation Evaluation Summary to your Immigration Advisor. Your Immigration Advisor will then email the following documents to you, which you will upload to your online application in step 2:

  1. SEVIS event history print out
  2. I-20 with OPT recommendation
  • You will sign and date it. 
  • You will send a copy of the I-20 and keep the original.

STEP TWO: Follow the Filing I-765 Online instructions to create a USCIS online account and begin your application. STOP  DO NOT SUBMIT your application without reviewing your application with your Kearney Center Advisor!
STEP THREE: Before submitting your I-765, you will need to meet with your Kearney Center Advisor to review your application. Schedule a Zoom meeting with your Kearney Center Immigration Advisor via MavConnect. During the meeting, you will share your screen with your advisor so that you advisor can confirm your application has been completed correctly.
STEP FOUR: After reviewing your online OPT application with your immigration advisor, digitally sign and submit your application. Next, pay the filing fee ($410) using a credit card, debit card, or withdrawal from a checking or savings account. See Steps 6, 7, and 8 in the Filing I-765 Form Online for complete instructions.

STEP FIVE: Read through "After Applying for OPT" and "Once You Are Approved for OPT" for more information on the next steps. 

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