Leave of Absence for international students

You may wish to take a break from your studies and return home.  Immigration regulations require you to be registered as a full-time student each semester unless you’ve been approved for a Reduced Course Load (RCL).  Common reasons students may take a break in their studies include family emergency, mandatory military service, or employment outside the U.S.  The Kearney International Center refers to this as a “Leave of Absence”.   
Please inform your immigration advisor of your plans before you drop any courses or depart the U.S.  You will work with the Campus HUB to withdraw from the University.  You will work with the Kearney International Center to manage your immigration record and possible insurance refund.  Complete the Leave of Absence form so your advisor can best assist you. 

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Tue 6/20/23 12:05 PM
Tue 6/20/23 12:05 PM