Centennial Student Union Ballroom location

The CSU Ballroom is located on the CSU Upper Level. Access to the ballroom from the CSU South Entrance, use the Grand Staircase. Access the ballroom from the CSU North Entrance by using the stairs next to Jazzman’s Brew and Bakery. The closest main level elevator to the ballroom is next to Wells Fargo. Remodeled in 2011, the 10,000-square-foot “video” ballroom features 17 Sony laser projection units offering near-surround video capabilities. The newly installed projectors make the CSU Ballroom the largest single environment application of Sony laser projection technology in the U.S. The ballroom offers LED lighting with countless colors and effects. The space also can be divided into five smaller gathering spaces. Use the CSU 360-Virtual Tour to locate and view the CSU Ballroom.

CSU Ballroom 


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