Promoting programs and events in the Centennial Student Union

The Centennial Student Union offers several means for promoting events, organizations, activities and programs on campus. The most popular ways are posters. The CSU enforces a strict poster/posting policy. Posters displayed in the CSU must be approved and stamped in the CSU Administration Office, CSU 220. CSU staff then hang the posters at the approved CSU bulletin boards located throughout the building. No department or organization may hang materials in the CSU. Other popular means for promoting events include the weekly CSU CAN, a calendar of campus events posted in the CSU restrooms; and the CSU digital monitors located throughout the CSU and near Myers Field House. Posting requests and submittals for the CAN and digital displays (submitted in widescreen PowerPoint or jpg format) can be made by emailing information to or For other assistance in promoting campus activities, contact the CSU Communications Office in CSU 220 or calling 507-389-6744. More information at Advertising and Promotion Policies and Procedures.

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Thu 6/22/23 2:14 PM
Thu 6/22/23 2:14 PM