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How do I assign a web role in ImageNow?


  1. Navigate to Image Now 
  2. Login with StarID and StarID password
  3. On the Left side under User Maintenance select Web
  4. Search for the user by either name or techID

Note: If the user is a student the box next to Display Employees Only must be unchecked.

  1. Choose select next to the user you would like to add
  2. Expand the My Web Roles section
  3. Select Add Web Roles
  • If you need to remove a web role, select the Remove Web Roles option
  1. Approval Group should be ImageNow
  2. Select search
  3. Check box next to IMAGENOW web role name
  4. Select Add Checked Web Roles

Note: Will take 2-4 hours to create the new ImageNow account. Once account is created it will be searchable in ImageNow by StarID only.



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