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Accounts and Access

Includes StarID information, password resets, guest account(s) and more.

Email, Calendar, and Storage

Articles about email, mobile device set up, MavMAIL, MavDISK, Outlook settings, Office 365, calendar help, shared mailboxes and folders, mail merges, and more.

Hardware, Device, and Printing Support

Articles and step-by-step guides on hardware, MavPRINT, operating system support, loaner laptops and more.

IT Professional Services

Technology related information provided by IT Services (ITS)

Phones, Conferencing, and Collaboration

Articles and user guides about Cisco IP phones, Zoom, video & web conferencing tools and more.

Software and Application Support

Reference articles, software for computer labs, Microsoft Office Download, MAC OS and more.

Teaching and Learning

Assistance with D2L, media support, and FlexSync classroom technology.

Data and Reporting

Articles and references for ISRS resources, database, Power BI, Epi Server and more.

Network and Communication

Includes the Minnesota State University Mankato Network, Eduroam, VPN, Wi-Fi network jack activation requests and more.

Web Services

Articles on web content authoring and modification, and more.

Video and Digital Media

A collection of support documents for Perceptive Content/Image Now, Accessible Technologies and other services.

Articles (5)

Become a Content Creator for Your Department in the Mav Life App

This article explains how to get set up with a Campus Cloud account to post on Mav Life as a department.

Posting Content in the Mav Life App as a Department

This article shows how to post content in the News feed on Mav Life as a department.