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My emails are sending as a different email address instead of my Minnesota State Mankato email account.  How do I fix that? 
I can't sign into an application on a Minnesota State Mankato website.  It says I don't belong to a group that has access.  How do I fix that?



  • If your contact primary email is already set to the address you don't have to change anything.
  • Only one email address can be selected as a primary email address. This is the email that will show as your FROM: address.
  • All email addresses assigned to you at any other MinnState institutions are assigned to this email account, so this inbox will accept any email sent to all of these addresses. However, your FROM: address will have to be selected as directed in steps 1 through 6 below and this will be the default on all email that you send.

Changing Default FROM: address in Office 365 (MavMAIL)

  1. Go to
    • starid webpage
  2. Select Sign into Profile.
    • Starid webpage with sign in to profile selected
  3. Sign in with your StarID and StarID password.
    • starid login
  4. Select Office 365 Contact.
    • starid office 365 contact selected
  5. Click on the contact card you would like to change, by clicking on either Select New Employee Contact Card or Select New Student Contact Card.
    • Note:  The Employee Contact and Student Contact will only display if you fall into that type of roll.  The Select New Employee Contact Card and the Select New Student Contact Card buttons will only display if you have multiple email addresses available.
    • StarID Contact Card
  6. Select the email address you want to use as your default email address.
    • contact card select

This is typically This email was assigned to you when you were first admitted to the University or hired by the University. 

Note: After you change your default email address on your Office 365 Contact Card it will take 24 hours to update with Minnstate and Microsoft.



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