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This article will walk you through how to make and receive calls on the Zoom Phone from all platforms.
Customize your voicemail greeting or audio
Zoom allows you to set your personal emergency location if you are working remote.
Reference this article to learn how to transfer calls.
Easily check your voicemail on Zoom Phone
Zoom Assistant is a compact desktop panel that allows phone users to quickly find their contacts, access and manage speed dial, make and receive calls, and transfer calls.
If Zoom app is not updating or you are not on the current version of Zoom, please follow these directions.
Use this article to change your primary number for your Zoom Phone if you are linked to more than one phone number.
Employees can select their own hold music or choose what audio message will be played to callers on hold.
Want to mask your outbound caller ID? Follow these steps to allow a different caller-ID to appear when making calls.
Zoom Phone easily allows you to forward calls internally.
This article is intended for faculty and staff to change the default ringtone on your University Zoom Phone App
Speed dials and busy lamp fields are available to use on desk phones, you can configure speed dials or busy lamp fields within the Zoom Settings.
Accessibility options for Zoom Phone. This includes Live Transcription.