How to Access and Customize Buttons on Desk Phones (Yealink Zoom Phones)


How do I access line keys and customize them for my Zoom Phone? 


User this article to help you customize your speed dials or busy lamp field. 

*Please note that Minnesota State University Mankato is currently in the process of transitioning all employees from the Cisco phone system to the Zoom phone service. This article applies only to those who have been moved to the Zoom phone service. Learn more about this project on the Zoom webpage.



As a phone user, you can access line key settings for your own desk phones.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal
  2. Click Phone
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. In the Keys & Positions section, click View or Edit
  5. Click Manage Keys

How to customize line keys

You can customize your current line keys which consist of your direct phone numbers and shared line.

Note: You can also add new line keys for speed dial and busy lamp field.

  1. Access line key settings as an admin or user
  2. Customize your line keys with these options:
    • Key: Adjust the order of the line keys. Drag and drop a row, or use the arrow buttons to move each row up or down in the order
    • Key Type: Displays the type of line key. You can only change some line key types
    • Key Assignment: Displays the owner, extension (if applicable), and direct number of the line. If you have multiple direct numbers, the one attached to your extension number is the primary number. If you're a delegate part of a call delegation setup, you will see the delegate's name followed by Shared. If you're part of a shared line group, you'll see the goup's name followed by Shared.
    • Alias (Optional): Enter an alias that is displayed on the phone. An alias can make it easier to identify lines if you have multiple shared lines or direct phone numbers. The alias is only displayed on the desk phone's screen and doesn't affect your caller ID.
      Note: Entering a custom alias will replace the default alias. The alias can be up to 32 characters in length.
    • Outbound Caller ID (only applies to lines that are direct phone numbers): Select an outbound caller ID number for the line. You can select from the following options:
      Note: You can't change the outbound caller ID for shared lines. Only the owner of the phone number can change it.
      • Same as Number: Use the number in the Live Subscription column as the caller ID number
      • Main Company Number: The number assigned to the main auto receptionist
      • Additional Company Number: Phone numbers assigned to auto receptionists
      • Call queue numbers (the call queue name is displayed next to the caller ID number): Phone numbers assigned to call queues that you are a member of
      • Hide Caller ID: Hide the outbound caller ID name and number
  3. Click Save
    Note: The phone will automatically reboot to apply the changes. The phone may reboot multiple times.



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