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Pinned Article Change Default Ringtone on Zoom Phone

This article is intended for faculty and staff to change the default ringtone on your University Zoom Phone App

Pinned Article Check Voicemail on Zoom Phone

Easily check your voicemail on Zoom Phone

Pinned Article Quick Start Guide for Zoom Phone

This guide shows you the basic features and functionality of Zoom Phone app.

Pinned Article Zoom Phone Quick Informational Videos

How-To and Training Videos regarding Zoom Phones.

Accessibility Features in Zoom Phone

Accessibility options for Zoom Phone. This includes Live Transcription.

Adding and Managing Contacts

To add contacts that are not part of zoom phone yet, you must add the user as an external contact.

Call Blocking on Zoom Phone

Block and manage calls on Zoom Phone

Forward Calls Internally on Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone easily allows you to forward calls internally.

Forward\Share Voicemail Zoom Phone

Quickly share or forward voicemail messages with Zoom Phone.

Hide Incoming Calls While in a Zoom Meeting

Need to stay focused and avoid distractions while in a Zoom Meeting? Change your settings to hide incoming calls while in a Zoom Meeting.

How to Check e911 Location for Zoom Phone

To verify your location, address and building information from your Yealink desk phone in the event of an emergency, dial 933 from your Yealink desk phone.

How to Enable Zoom Phone App Screen

If you need to share your Zoom App screen while in a Zoom meeting, please follow these directions to enable it.

In-Call Functions & Features on Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone In-Call functions and features for mute, unmute, audio, add call, hold, transfer, record and more

Phone Call Recording

Steps to record and manage Zoom Phone calls on App or Yealink desktop.

Receive Call Queue Calls

Being part of a call queue allows you to opt-in or opt-out of receiving queue calls.

Recover Zoom Phone Voice Message

We are not able to recover deleted voice messages in Zoom Phone.

Set Outbound Caller-ID on Zoom Phone

Want to mask your outbound caller ID? Follow these steps to allow a different caller-ID to appear when making calls.

Set Personal Emergency Location on Zoom Phone

Zoom allows you to set your personal emergency location if you are working remote.

Set Up Speed Dials or Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) on Zoom Phone

Speed dials and busy lamp fields are available to use on desk phones, you can configure speed dials or busy lamp fields within the Zoom Settings.

Set Voicemail Greeting

Zoom phone allows you to customize your voicemail greeting.

Share Voicemail Inbox Access

Share your voicemail inbox with someone.

Starred Contacts

Zoom App does not have a speed dial feature but it does have a similar feature that lets you quickly dial numbers you most common use.

Transfer Active Call Directly to a Voicemail Box

Need to transfer a call to someone but you want to bypass the ring? Follow these steps to transfer a call directly to a voicemail box.

Transfer Call in Zoom Phone

Reference this article to learn how to transfer calls.

Using Call Park

Call park allows phone users to place a call on hold and let another phone user resume the call from any phone or Zoom client. After parking a call, Zoom Phone generates a retrieval code. Any other phone user can use the retrieval code to resume the call.

Using the Directory on Yealink Desk Phone

Use this article to look up someone's number in the LDAP directory from the Yealink desk phone.

Yealink Desk Phone Installation

Installation instructions for Yealink desk phones.

Zoom App Not Updating

If Zoom app is not updating or you are not on the current version of Zoom, please follow these directions.

Zoom Phone International Calling and SMS/MMS Rates

Zoom phone international SMS and calling rates.

Zoom Phone Voicemail Greeting Setup

Customize your voicemail greeting or audio

Making and Receiving Calls on Zoom Phone

This article will walk you through how to make and receive calls on the Zoom Phone from all platforms.

Using SMS (Text Messaging) on Zoom Phone App

How to send and receive SMS messages using the Zoom Phone app.

Disabling SMS (Text Messages) on Zoom Phone

How can I disable the ability to send and receive text (SMS) messages to my university phone number on the Zoom app?

Voicemail PIN Viewing or Reset on Zoom Phone

How to reset your Zoom phone voicemail pin

Enabling/Disabling Do Not Disturb (DND) on Zoom Phone

How to Enable/Disable DO NOT DISTURB on your Zoom Phone, or Yealink Desktop

Controlling Desk Phone (Yealink) Calls Using The Zoom App

Call Control replaces Cisco Attendant Console to be able to control the same call from a desk phone and/or the Zoom app simultaneously.
This can be very helpful for managing calls most conveniently and is easier for the employee to look up directory information, transfer calls, put callers on hold, or hang up the call.

Forward to External Phone Number on Zoom Phone

Use this article to set up call forwarding to an external number from the Zoom Portal or Yealink desk phone.

How to Change Business Hours on Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone allows you to set your office hours to your work schedule. This document also allows for you to change your Auto-Reception Settings.

Enable Live Transcription on Zoom Phone

This article explains how to enable live transcription for meetings and video calls.

How to Access and Customize Buttons on Desk Phones (Yealink Zoom Phones)

If you have a desk phone that supports multiple line keys, you can customize your line keys displayed on the desk phone. This is useful if you have multiple direct numbers or shared lines.

How to Change Your Primary Number on Zoom Phone

Use this article to change your primary number for your Zoom Phone if you are linked to more than one phone number.

Customize Hold Music for Zoom Phones

Employees can select their own hold music or choose what audio message will be played to callers on hold.

Connecting Jabra Engage 65 Headset to Yealink T46U Desk Phone (Zoom Phone)

Step by step instructions for connecting Jabra Engage 65 headset to Yealink T46U desk phones.

Changing Area Code for Zoom Phones

How to change the area code in Zoom phone