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My Zoom app is on an old version, how do I update it? My zoom app says it is up-to-date but it is not, how can I fix this? 


This article is intended for State Assets only. If Zoom app is not on the latest version 5.15.18551, or if Zoom App says it is up-to-date but you are on an old version, please follow these steps: 

  1. Open Software Center. Search > Software Center >Look for Zoom 5.15.18 

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  1. If you see 5.15.18, select it and Install
  2. If you do not see that version and see a previous version, follow the next series of steps
  3. Go to Control Panel > Configuration Manager, select, and run every action on the action tab
  4. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and then open Software Center again 
  5. The newest version should be listed 
  6. Select it and Install
  7. If you are still not seeing the latest version, contact the helpdesk.


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