Set Delegation Zoom Phone


How can I set delegation in Zoom Phone? 


Follow these steps if you want to be a delegator and assign another phone user to make and receive calls on your behalf. 

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal with your StarID and password.
  2. Follow one of these options to navigate the phone settings page depending on if you're a phone user or admin:
    • Phone user: In the navigation menu, click Phone, then click the Settings tab.
  3. In the Delegation & Assistant section, click Set or Add.
  4. Select User or Common Area Phone, then specify the phone user or common area phone you want to assign as your delegate, then click Send Invite.
    Note: The delegate will need to accept the delegation request.
  5. Use the check boxes to change the privileges:
    • Delegation Privileges
      • Places Calls: The delegate can make calls on your behalf using any of your direct phone numbers.
      • Answer Calls: The delegate can answer calls on your behalf. They will receive call notifications for inbound calls to your direct phone numbers.
      • Pick Up Hold Calls: You can transfer calls to the delegate by placing the call on hold and informing the delegate to answer the call.
    • Privacy: Select the check box to enable privacy mode for the delegator, allowing them to lock a call.
  6. To add additional delegates, click Add and repeat steps 5 and 6.


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