Sending SMS (Text Messages) on Zoom Phone App


How can I send a test message using my Zoom Phone  


This is intended for Staff and Faculty Accounts Only. This is not for Student Zoom Accounts.

*Please note that Minnesota State University Mankato is currently in the process of transitioning all employees from the Cisco phone system to the Zoom phone service. This article applies only to those who have been moved to the Zoom phone service. Learn more about this project on the Zoom webpage.

How to send an SMS (Text Message) through the Zoom App

  1. Sign into the Zoom App via laptop or mobile      
  1. Click or tap the Phone tab
  2. Click or tap the SMS tab
  3. Click or tap an SMS Conversation
  4. Enter a message
  5. Sending the message
    • Desktop Client: Press the Enter key
    • Mobile App: Tap the send icon 




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The University's current Cisco phone system reaches end-of-life in 2023 and these phones are no longer cost-effective, are not supported from the vendor, and are not up to date with modern technology.  IT Solutions is currently exploring phone options that provide enhanced features and lower costs.