Customize Hold Music for Zoom Phones


Can I change the on-hold music on my phone?


Employees can upload and choose their own Music on Hold for their Zoom Phone. NOTE: check and ensure that you have permission and/or a license to use music you upload.


1. Sign into the Minnesota State Zoom web portal ( using your employee StarID credentials. 

2. On the left-side navigation menu, select "Phone". 

3. On the top navigation bar, select "Settings". 

4. Navigate to "Hold Music" then select "Edit" 

5. Select the best option to choose music on hold from the asset library, upload your own audio, or disable music on hold.

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  • Choose from asset library - select music or audio that has been previously uploaded and click "Save."
  • Add Audio - several options are available for you to choose
    • Text to Speech - can be used to type a script that will be read to the caller on hold. Type the message and click "Add."
    • Upload - can be used to upload audio or music to be played to the caller on hold. Upload an MP3 or WAV file under 10MB is size and click "Add."
    • Record by Computer - can be used to record a message from your own telephone or computer microphone to be played to the caller on hold. Record and click "Add."

6) Select the file name to preview the Hold Music audio or music that will be played to your caller on hold.



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