In-Call Functions & Features on Zoom Phone

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How can I get familiar with how to transfer, hold or record a call? 


In-Call Functions and Features

  1. Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute your mic.Keypad: Display a dial pad to enter numbers during the call. For example, entering an extension number. To see in-call controls click <-Back to Call in the upper left corner.
  2. Audio: Open audio settings and change the volume of your speaker or mic.
  3. Add Call: Display a dial pad to enter a number and add another person to the call (three-way call). Each person will remain on a separate line. Click or tap their name or number to switch between each person.
  4. Hold/Unhold: Place the call on hold or resume the call. The receiving party will hear default music while they're on hold. 
  5. Transfer: Transfer the call to another number or to voicemail. For more details, see the Zoom documentation.
  6. Record: Start or stop recording a call. An audio prompt notifies both parties that the call will be recorded and requests that the user presses "1" to give permission for the call to be recorded.
           - Access the Keypad, press 1, then Press Stop Recording to end the recording. For more details, see Zoom documentation.
  7. Meet: If you make a call using Zoom Phone, you can easily convert or elevate the phone call to a Zoom meeting. For more details, see Zoom Support documentation
  8. More: The following controls can be accessed by clicking the More icon.

Park: Park the call for another phone user to pick it up.
Invite to Meeting: Invite the call participant to a meeting by using the meeting ID.
Minimize: Minimize the in-call controls while continuing the call so you can continue using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app.

See Zoom Support documentation: Using In-call Controls for more details on each of these tools.


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