Changing Area Code for Zoom Phones


How can I change the area code to one I dial frequently?


Zoom phones use the 507 area code by default which allows 7-digit dialing without the need to enter an area code first. The call assumes the 507 area code. 

If a different area code is routinely called, it can easily be changed. NOTE: if changed, all calls to the main University phones will require dialing 507 before the 389-xxxx number.


1. Sign into the Minnesota State Zoom web portal ( using your employee StarID credentials. 

2. On the left-side navigation menu, select "Phone". 

3. On the top navigation bar, select "Settings". 

4. Navigate to "Area Code" then select "Set" 

5. Enter a new 3-digit area code into the Area Code field that appears, then select "Save". 


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