Check Voicemail on Zoom Phone


How do I check my voicemail on Zoom Phone? How do I reset my voicemail pin? 


These document is intended for users to check their OWN voicemail or for users to check the voicemail of a Common Area Phone

Personal Voicemail

Zoom App:
  1. Click the Phone tab
  2. Click the Voicemail tabUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Locate the voicemail you want to listen to, and press the Play Voicemail button

    - You will receive a copy of you voicemails along with speech to text transcriptions to your MavMAIL inbox.
    - If you're calling your direct number from a another phone, you'll need the PIN code you set up on during the Day 1 tasks, to access your voicemail messages.
    - Details on setting up or changing your voicemail are found here.

Yealink Desk Phone:

You can use a desk phone to check your voicemail messages if your admin has provisioned a desk phone for you. When playing your voicemail you will hear the phone number or extension of the caller, the date and time the voicemail was received.

Note: We are working on getting the date and time added to the voicemail messages.

The steps below apply to all desk phones. You can also view specific instructions for Yealink T4/T5 series phones.

Note: If you have access to a shared voicemail inbox, you can play them using your desk phone, but you cannot identify if the message is from a shared inbox. Use the Zoom Desktop Client, Mobile App, or web portal so to identify these messages.

  1. Press the Message button on the desk phone or dial and call *86 on your desk phone access the voicemail center.
    Tip: This key code also works on the desktop client and mobile app.
  2. When prompted, dial your voicemail PIN followed by #.
  3. Press one of these keys:
    Key Description
    1 Play all voicemail messages starting with your new (unplayed) messages.
    2 Record a voicemail greeting. The greeting will be added to your Zoom Phone audio library.
    Note: You can also record a voicemail greeting in the Zoom web portal.
  4. Follow the audio prompts to manage your voicemails.
Cell Phone:
  1. Call your direct phone number from a third-party phone service; for example, your mobile carrier.
  2. Press the number key associated with checking your voicemail.
    Note: See the previous section for more details.
  3. After selecting the number key to check your voicemail, enter your PIN Code followed by the pound sign.
    Note: You can view or edit your PIN Code in the Desk Phone section of your phone settings.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  1. After selecting voicemail, from the main menu, do the following:
    • Press 1 to listen to your voicemails.
      Note: To skip to the end of the message you are listening, press 3 or 5.
    • Press 2 to record a personal voicemail greeting.

Common Area Phone Voicemail

Yealink Desk Phone: 
  1. Press the Message on the desk phone
  2. Enter the voicemail pin 
  3. Listen to the message 
Cell Phone: 
  1. Dial the common area phone number 
  2. Press when prompted 

NOTE: The phone must be unanswered for this method to work 

  1. Enter the common area phone's voicemail pin, follow by #
  2. Listen to the voice messages 
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