Controlling Desk Phone (Yealink) Calls Using The Zoom App


Is there a way to use the Yealink phone and control the call using the Zoom app to record, hold or transfer a call?


The Zoom App and Yealink phone can be linked together to control phone calls. The functionality is called Call Control. While in the call, you can:

  • Mute/unmute the microphone
  • Look up a number in the directory
  • Add a caller (conference)
  • Transfer the call
  • Place the call on hold or resume
  • Control recording
  • Hang up the call

Enabling Call Control is a two-step process

1. Sign into the Minnesota State Zoom web portal ( using your employee StarID credentials. 

2. On the left-side navigation menu, select "Phone". 

3. On the top navigation bar, select "Settings". 

4. Navigate to "Desk Phone(s)" section and then ensure "Allow Call Control From Client" is checked.

Select Allow Call Control From Client within Zoom Phone Settings

5. Next, start the Zoom Phone app, select the Phone tab at the top of the window, and click the Call Control icon near the upper left corner and toggle the switch to ON (green).

6. The display on your Yealink phone will ask you to Allow remote Control. Press the OK button.

Now when you answer a call on your Yealink phone, or Zoom App, you can control the call with either or both the phone and Zoom app.

Call Control for Yealink phone and Zoom app

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