Connecting Jabra Engage 65 Headset to Yealink T46U Desk Phone (Zoom Phone)

The Jabra headset requires a Yealink EHS40 USB Headset Adapter and cable to connect to the Yealink T46U phone.

Steps to installing the Jabra Engage 65 headset to the Yealink T46U desk phone:

  1. On the bottom of the base of the Jabra Engage 65, turn the dial to position A.
  2. Press the green (answer) and red (hang up) buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds to reset the Jabra base.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the computer and the Jabra Engage base to update firmware and configure the headset.
  4. Ensure that the headset is physically connected to the base (as if it is charging the headset).
  5. Download and install the Jabra Direct software
  6. Jabra Direct will detect that the Jabra Engage 65 headset needs a firmware upgrade. Upgrade the headset firmware to version 5.11.0. During firmware installation, the LEDs on the base and the headset will be purple. (takes a long time)
  7. After upgrading firmware, within Jabra Direct, select Headset, click on the headset photo and go to Settings.
  8. Select the DESK PHONE tab.
  9. Ensure that "Automatic detection of hook lifter type" is set to OFF.
    Jabra Engage 65 Desk Phone Settings
  10. Change Electronic Hook Lifter to DHSG.
  11. Save and reset.
  12. Plug the Yealink EHS40 USB adapter into the back USB port of the Yealink T46U telephone (next to the network jacks).Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  13. Connect the Y cable between the Yealink USB adapter to the Jabra base.  (the other cables will not be needed)
  14. After a few seconds, the Yealink T46U phone will recognize the Jabra headset connected via USB port.
  15. On the Jabra headset, press the tiny button above the control button to increase the headset volume.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  16. On the Yealink T46U desk phone, place a test call. Use the volume + - to increase the volume of the headset to the desired level.
  17. On the computer, ensure that speakers and microphones are properly selected for video playback, Teams meetings, Zoom web meetings and Zoom phone. The Jabra Engage 65 headset can be used for web meetings that require a speaker and microphone.

    NOTE: NOTE: for the headset to ring when an incoming call comes through, you may have to enable it in the Yealink Web IF Solutions for Jabra Engage 65 Stereo and Yealink SIP-T46U | Compatibility Guide - Jabra


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