How to Change Business Hours on Zoom Phone


How can I change business hours to match the hours that I work, and change how calls are handled after hours?


Zoom Phone is set up with default working hours of 7:30am to 5:00pm M-F.  You may need to change these hours, or how calls are handled during business hours and after business hours to better fit your needs.


1. Sign into the Minnesota State Zoom web portal using your employee StarID credentials. 

2. On the left-side navigation menu, select "Phone". 

3. On the top navigation bar, select "Settings". 

4. Scroll to the Call Handling section to view your currently set business hours, and view how calls are handled during or after business hours.

5. To make changes, click Edit next to the setting.

Business hours and call handling settings for Zoom Phone.

5. Browse through each setting and save your desired settings. 

There are a few things to note:

  • You can have different voicemail greetings and messages during and after hours.
  • If you select "Allow callers to reach an operator", callers will be able to dial a 0 to reach and operator or 1 to leave a voicemail. You will need to provide those instructions in your voicemail greeting.
  • If you select "Allow callers to check voicemail" you will be able to press 2 and enter your PIN to listen to your voicemail after calling your university phone number.
  • The default greeting is "We are sorry. There is no one available to take your call." You can choose to:
    • Type a text to speech message such as "I am not available. Please press 1 or stay on the line to leave me a voicemail or call back Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm" for example. 
    • Upload a previously recorded audio message
    • Record a message using your computer's microphone.
  • Holiday hours are scheduled when you are not working, such as a holiday, leave or vacation.
  • You can choose to forward calls to another university phone, or an off-campus external phone number.


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