Emergency Notification

Emergency audio broadcast and text message used to communicate to campus clientele in event of an emergency situation. Audio broadcast of emergency notifications occur through telephones and fire alarms.


Area Emergency Call Button

Specific departments can request a button on Cisco IP phones to call for help, act as a pubic address system or notify others in event of an emergency. For example, a nurse-call button.

Campus Emergency Voice (Audio) Broadcast Notifications

Main Minnesota State Mankato campus emergency notification through Cisco IP phones and some building fire alarm panels. All Cisco IP phones are configured to receive these broadcasts. Voice alerts are typically initiated by Campus Security. (This service is not available at the Edina location).

Service locations for emergency broadcast and pop-up notifications:

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus
  • Hubbard Innovation Center
  • Minnesota State University, Edina Campus

Computer Emergency Pop-up Notifications

University-owned desktop computers and laptop computers that are on campus can receive StarAlert messages as a pop-up notification on computer screens during an emergency. Alertus app is part of the standard software image for University-owned computers and is installed on all lab computers and kiosks.

StarAlert Emergency Cellular Text Notification

StarAlert provides urgent communications via text message and email to faculty, staff and students in event of a campus emergency. Subscribe at mnsu.edu/staralert. Students may also subscribe their parents or family to StarAlert. Parents or family can no longer self-subscribe. Exceptions can be requested and added manually.

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