Learning Space Design and Support

The Learning Space Design and Support service provides design, support, troubleshooting, and planning for existing and new learning spaces throughout the University. The focus of this service is to provide technology and innovation solutions to our faculty and learning spaces. This service may be initiated by IT Solutions or departments. All spaces on campus, supported by IT Solutions, are part of an ongoing maintenance schedule in order to keep the equipment as up-to-date as possible.


  • Formal Learning Spaces: Where a majority of classes are held by the faculty member. These could be classrooms, technology and specialized labs, makerspaces, conference rooms, and seminar rooms.
  • Informal Learning Spaces: Where the students are able to congregate and work on homework or group work. Example spaces are study booths, rooms, open computer labs, makerspaces, and group work areas.
  • Hardware Refresh Cycles: The hardware refresh cycle is four (4) years for each space. That means computers will be replaced every 4 years along with newer monitors every 8 years. Each year, after identifying software requirements for the campus, IT Solutions will identify standard classroom machines for Windows and for Macintosh. These will be the replacement machines for the refresh cycle. If a department would like a different machine in their labs they must pay the difference between the standard machine and the requested machine. If a department would like different lab management solutions, we can meet and work out a plan using an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) where we can outline the agreements and costs to the different groups.

MOU examples:

  • Example 1: A department would like to have laptops in the learning space so that they can have the class work in groups. IT Solutions’ standard machine would be $680 and the laptop that has been requested is $900. The department would pay the difference of $220.
  • Example 2: A department would like to have a more powerful processor. IT Solutions’ standard machine would be $680 and the updated processor would add $50 to the cost of the machine. The department would pay the difference of $50 per machine.
  • Example 3: A department would like to have a larger screen on the computers in the lab. The standard screen cost would be $220. The updated screen is $450. The department would be responsible for the $230 per monitor.


Consultation and Design

The IT Solutions team will work with you to research, identify, test, and explore your specific needs for an innovative teaching space. This can include everything from furniture, layout, electrical, technology, to the available technology infrastructure.

Operating System and Software Upgrade Consultation and Requests

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows OS 10 (21H2) 
  • MacOS (Monterey) (Big Sur)

During the summer of each year, all University computers are updated to the newest operating system. This process starts each year during the spring semester. IT Solutions consults with faculty and students to verify their software needs. The software versions are updated and verified to work with the newer operating systems. Once this is complete, we update the recommended models.

Macintosh devices can be configured to run Windows virtual machine using VMware, Parallels, or Virtual Box on the lab machines. The additional software licensing would be licensed and paid by the requesting department.


Departments are responsible for submitting software to IT Solutions during the following timelines. If the request comes outside of these windows, it may not be able to be installed until the following semester due to the possibility for software conflicts. However, we will do everything we can to limit impact to the classroom.

  • Fall Implementation and Summer Installation - March/April
  • Spring Implementation and Winter Break Installation - October
  • Summer Implementation and Spring Break Installation - January

IT Solutions supports a wide array of enterprise level software in addition to some specialized software. IT Solutions is responsible for maintaining licenses for the supported software. Faculty and departments are responsible for maintaining licensing on any specific types of software that is needed for their classes. In some of these cases, we may ask to partner on the license for specialized software so that we may offer it in our open labs in order to make sure students are able to access it at more locations.

Rental, Classroom

IT Solutions will rent the Academic Computer Center labs to external parties. See details 

Support and Troubleshooting

The IT Solutions team will be available to help troubleshoot and respond quickly to classroom technology issues. IT Solutions is responsible for day-to-day maintenance that fall under normal wear and tear on the lab machines.

Virtual Labs

IT Solutions will provide access to select up-to-date applications through our virtualized lab services called MavAPPs.

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