Digital Workflows

What Are Digital Workflows?

Hundreds of campus processes are still done with paper and couriers – but we're improving that with digitization projects across the University. As a part of the Destination 2030 strategic direction, we're working towards a unified and automated digital process ecosystem.

What is a digital workflow? We define it as the automation of university processes and the internal steps needed to get business done, without the use of paper or manual routing of information. We use technology tools like Oracle, Ocelot, Episerver, and more to create digital workflows that improve user experience, increase efficiency, and decrease environmental impact.

Campus Projects & Progress

Virtual Dashboard

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We're working on adding real-time live updates, stay tuned!

Get Help to Digitize Your Processes

Have a process that could be digitized or want to explore options for your department? We can consult with you to find the right solutions. 

Submit a ticket (put "Digital Workflows" as the subject line)

Upcoming Workshops

Logos for Microsoft Outlook, Forms, and OneDrive. Text that says: "Online workshops on DIY workflows, Supercharge Your Apps"

Supercharge your Microsoft 365 apps to make your work easier! Join tech experts for interactive workshops where you can follow along and create your very own workflows that integrate with apps you use every day. Then explore more on your own! 

Sessions & Registration

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

  • Supercharge Outlook: Feb. 2 at 1pm-1:30pm
    • Block your calendar with one click & more.
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  • Supercharge Forms: Feb. 8 at 11:30am-12pm
    • Automatically notify your Team of Form submissions & more.
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  • Supercharge OneDrive: Feb. 14 at 9am-9:30am
    • Get notified when OneDrive files are added or changed & more.
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