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MavAPPS for Chromebook

mavapps ... Question How do I access MavApps from a chromebook or chrome device? Overview Navigate to the Google Play store and search Citirix Workspace. Install Citirix Workspace. Open Citirix

MavAPPS for Macs

Question How do I install or use MavAPPS? Overview Jump to: Using MavAPPS Can't Star App Error There are two methods for accessing MavAPPS: Citrix Workspace App (preferred

MavAPPS for Windows

Question How do I install the Citrix Workspace for use with MavAPPS on Windows? Overview Jump to: Using MavAPPS Can't Start App Error There are two methods for accessing MavAPPS

Mouse Isn't Clicking Correctly in MavAPPS

Question Why can't I click anything when MavAPPS launches the application?  SPSS opens in MavAPPS, but when I use the mouse it won't click on anything, what is the problem? Overview Multiple

MavAPPS has no apps or showing old app

Question I am getting an error message the application can't open and is showing last years applications.  How can I get this working?  My MavAPPS is showing a white screen and no apps.  What do I

How to Connect to MavLABS

Question How do I connect to MavLABS? Overview MavLABS allows you to connect to a computer in the University Labs using Remote Desktop Connection. To connect to a specific computer related to

Opening SPSS with MavLabs

Question How do I use a MavLabs to access SPSS?   Overview Navigate to Click the Yellow Login button Choose any