Installing Mathematica on Windows for a Personal Computer


How to I install and activate Mathematica on my personal comptuer?


Staring on 11-7-2022 you will now need to activate Mathematica with your Office 365 (MavMAIL) account.  Also if you previously had been using an activation code the next time it comes up for activation you will need to switch to using your Office 365 account.  You will probably also want to upgrade to the latest version so you can get the latest features and any bug and security fixes as well.

  1. Please look at Downloading Mathematica on a Personal Compute knowledge article if you need to get the Mathematica installer for Windows.
  2. Go to your Downloads folder or where ever your browser or you download the file to.
  3. Double-click on Mathematica_13.1.0_BNDL_WIN_EXP.
    • Note:  The file name may be slightly different if newer version or they have changed the download file in anyway.
  4. This should launch the Download manager.  Click on Next unless you want to change the location where the files are downloaded to.
    • Wolfram Download Manager Download Location
  5. Once if finishes downloading you should see next to status heading Complete.  Click on Launch to start the installer.
    • Wolfram Download Manager completion
  6. You will likely be prompted with a User Account Control for the installer.  Click on Yes.
    • UAC Prompt for Wolfram Mathematica
  7. The next step may take a few minutes to process.  Once it does click on Next.
    • Wolfram Mathematica Setup screen
  8. Click on Next to install it in the default location.
  9. Click on Next to install the default components. 
  10. Click on Next to create a item on the Start Menu folder.
  11. Click on Install to start the install.
  12. Once the setup completes make sure Launch Wolfram Mathematica is checked and click on Finish.
  13. You should be brought to the Wolfram Production Activation screen.  Click on Sign in under Activate through your organization (SSO).
    • Wolfram Activate Online
  14. Your default web browser should open to and be asking you for your email address.  Enter your email address and click on Continue.
    • SSO Email Address login page
    • Note:  If you are already logged into your email you may get Sign In Successful right away and can skip down below to the matching screenshot. 
      • Wolfram Sign In Successful screen
  15. Enter one of the following:
    • Student:
        • office365 signin student
    • Employee
        • office365 signin employee
  16. Enter your password.
    • office365 password login
  17. You should be prompted for your MFA.  Follow the prompts on the screen as they may very depending on how you have your MFA setup.
  18. If prompted to stay signed in, select the option you would like.
  19. It should take a moment for the activation to go through.  Once it does you should see Sign In Successful.
    • Wolfram Sign In Successful screen
  20. Either close or minimize your browser and you should see Mathematica is opened and your named in the upper left corner.
    • Wolfram Mathematica with name in corner


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