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Zoom phone allows you to customize your voicemail greeting.
Customize your voicemail greeting or audio
Zoom phone international SMS and calling rates.
To verify your location, address and building information from your Yealink desk phone in the event of an emergency, dial 933 from your Yealink desk phone.
To add contacts that are not part of zoom phone yet, you must add the user as an external contact.
Quickly share or forward voicemail messages with Zoom Phone.
Use this article to look up someone's number in the LDAP directory from the Yealink desk phone.
Being part of a call queue allows you to opt-in or opt-out of receiving queue calls.
If you need more time to wrap up a queue call, toggle out of the queue until you are finished and then toggled back in.
Call park allows phone users to place a call on hold and let another phone user resume the call from any phone or Zoom client. After parking a call, Zoom Phone generates a retrieval code. Any other phone user can use the retrieval code to resume the call.
Steps to record and manage Zoom Phone calls on App or Yealink desktop.
Step by step instructions for connecting Jabra Engage 65 headset to Yealink T46U desk phones.