Computer Operating System Installation

IT Solutions provides installation and re-installation of Windows and macOS operating system software for University computer desktops and laptops. Operating systems, updated firmware and drivers, and University standard applications are installed on new devices and devices that are assigned to different employees.

This service is also available for virtual Windows environment. Devices need to have an assigned MSU State Asset Tag. This service also includes the delivery and initial setup of the device in the staff member's office or work location, including setup and configuration for all supported equipment and accessories. 

Supported operating systems (OS):

  • Windows 10 & 11 (Microsoft supported versions)
  • Mac OS (Apple supported versions)
  • Virtual machines that are supported for Windows and Intel-based Macs 

Virtual machines:

  • VMware (Available for purchase at the Campus Computer Store)   
  • Parallels (Available for purchase at the Campus Computer Store)  

Note: Windows 10 & 11 does not support macOS boot camp.



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Fri 1/14/22 3:27 PM
Thu 5/12/22 11:24 AM