Printing for Employees

IT Solutions supports the installation and set up of wired networked office printers, and 3D printing. For high-volume printing, copying, and departmental faxing and copying, see Printing Services/Creative Production and Copy Shops.


3D Printing

Customers will be able to utilize 4 printers located in the IT Solutions Center (WH121). Customers will meet with an attendant and discuss their print job. The attendant will work with customer to determine various print options and start the print. Customers will pay for print before printing begins.

Printing for Employees

Includes wired networked office printer set up (including physical installation), consultation for printer purchasing, printer permission support, and printer usage support and problem solving. Printer repair service is available through a 3rd party on a time and materials basis.

Note: ITS does not support wireless printers. MinnState/ISRS printing requires HP PCL5 driver compliance.

Printing for Students (MavPRINT)

Student printing is provided through MavPRINT.

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