Printing for Students (MavPRINT)

Printing on campus for students includes MavPRINT in 50+ locations across campus, and 3D printing in the IT Solutions Center (WH121).


Printing for Students (MavPRINT Stations)

As part of the Student Technology Fees, students cover up to $20 worth of complementary printing each enrolled semester. MavPRINT stations are available in numerous buildings throughout campus (including residence halls and Stadium Heights) with 50+ printers available. Use MavPRINT from your browser


  • Black and white printing charges are $0.05 per page.
  • Color printing charges are $0.40 per page.
  • Mobile Printing for Android, iOS, laptop and desktop.
  • Direct printing from campus computers or student-owned computers. 
  • Touch-Free Printing using QR code on each MavPRINT printer.

Students who need to print beyond the complementary $20 per semester allocation can continue to use MavPRINT. Students will be billed the remaining balance at the end of the semester.

NOTE: for copying, scanning and customized printing such as large posters and photos, visit a Copy Shop

MavPRINT Support

Help for MavPRINT is available in the IT Solutions Center locations, Copy Shop locations, and Memorial Library.

3D Printing

Customers will be able to utilize 4 printers located in the IT Solutions Center (WH121). Customers will meet with an attendant and discuss their print job. The attendant will work with customer to determine various print options and start the print. Customers will pay for print before printing begins.

MavPrint Help


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MavPRINT is a student printing service available to all currently-enrolled students. MavPRINT provides students use of over 50 printers at various locations throughout the Mankato and Edina campuses as well as residence halls including Stadium Heights Residence Community.