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MavPRINT is a student printing service available to all currently-enrolled students. MavPRINT provides students use of over 50 printers at various locations throughout the Mankato and Edina campuses as well as residence halls including Stadium Heights Residence Community.

How to Access

Students can upload documents to the online print center from any device's browser and sign into any MavPRINT printer on campus to print. Log in with your StarID and StarID password.

Print From Your Browser

Who Can Use It

​​Red X indicating "No" Staff: No

Red X indicating "No" Faculty: No

Green check mark indicating "Yes" Students: Yes

Red X indicating "No" Alumni: No

Red X indicating "No" Emeriti: No

Device Compatibility

Green check mark indicating "Yes" Windows: Yes

Green check mark indicating "Yes" Mac: Yes

Green check mark indicating "Yes" Chromebook: Yes

Green check mark indicating "Yes" iOS: Yes

Green check mark indicating "Yes" Android: Yes

Additional Cost

Money icon with red cross mark through it indicating "no additional cost" No additional cost for up to 400 pages*

*Students who have paid Student Technology Fees are allocated up to 400 complimentary pages ($20 worth) of printing each semester. Once your $20 MavPRINT allocation has been depleted you can continue to print using MavPRINT, but you will be responsible to pay the remaining balance over $20 at the end of the semester. The cost of additional prints will be charged to your University student account as an item that you must pay along with tuition and fees. You will be alerted via MavMAIL if you become responsible for any additional printing costs and informed how to pay the balance.

MavPrint Help


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