MavPRINT Touchless Printing


What is MavPRINT Touchless printing and how can I do it?


MavPRINT Touchless Printing is quicker and more sanitary since you don't have to touch a keyboard to print. 

Students who use MavPRINT can quickly release a document or file to be printed on a MavPRINT printer using a smartphone and the QR code on the MavPRINT printer. No need to sign in using the MavPRINT Release Station computer!

  1. Upload a file or document to print using MavPRINT Mobile
  2. Find a MavPRINT printer (locations) and scan the Touchless Printing QR code on the printer using your smartphone (Android or iOS)

    Note: Enter your StarID and Password and then save the password to scan and go directly to MavPRINT Mobile.
  3. Select Confirm and the document(s) uploaded to MavPRINT will be printed on that printer