Telecommunication and Phone-Related Requests

Services Included
All departments that request a IP telephone service are changed $16.50 per month and all long distance phone toll charges are billed back. There may be additional charges from local phone company if requesting additional features. Standard Telephones are provided at no cost, additional charges may apply to upgrade options. Cell phone charges are based on the type of phone and accessories you purchase and the cell phone package you request.

 Attendant Console

Software available to monitor and control phone calls.

 Call Center Software and Support

Customer can request a phone queuing system for a call center environment.

 Cell Phone Service

Cell phone, hotspot and cellular service for employees for business use only with department approval. Use of cell phones must comply with Minnesota State Mankato and MinnState policies which can be found at

 Conference Calling

Allows conferencing between a number of parties. There are three options available for Conference calls:   Meet Me Conferencing: allows up to 100 callers, individual callers will be responsible for the charges or minutes used when calling in. 6-party conferencing: allows up 6 parties including the initiator, cost are covered by the department making the calls out. Conference Now: Setup must be requested by contacting IT Solutions prior to each conference call use.    Advanced notice of 2 business days is needed for conference call setup.

 IP Desk Phones

New phone setup, voicemail, long distance, headsets, billing.

University Employees
Service Locations
Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus Minnesota State University at Edina
Service Level Agreement: MNSU - Standard
Standard Service Level Agreement: Response and resolution times for services are determined by the priority your request is given when it is received. This priority is determined by considering the scope, visibility, and operational impact of your request along with the urgency. Normal Priority: Time to Initial Response - 1 business day Time to Resolution - 5 business days Important Priority: Time to Initial Response - 1 business day Time to Resolution - 3 business days Critical Priority: Time to Initial Response - 4 hours Time to Resolution - 1 business day