Issuing a Cell Phone and Other Mobile Computing Devices


How do I get a company issued cell phone? 


Before issuing a cellphone, review the University's cell phone policy and the instructions below. Then fill out the review form and return to Julie Keck in IT Solutions.   


How to issue a phone: 

  1. The supervisor of an employee requesting the device and plan must determine if the employee meets the threshold eligibility requirements: 


An authorized administrator of the University must approve the request.  Within the University, authorized administrator means a person at the level of associate vice president or above. 


  1. Documentation to support the decision to issue the device and plan must be retained by the appropriate administrative unit in the University consistent with records retention standards and be available for review and audit. 


  1. Supervisors are encouraged to direct those devices and plans be procured under state or system negotiated contracts when possible.


Annual Review of continued need for device plan, and level of service is required. 

The employee's supervisor and the authorized administrator annually must review and document the continued business need for the device and plan using the Cellular and other mobile computing devices annual review form. 


Monthly review of invoices is required.   


The employee must review and initial the cellular device invoice monthly and identify any use not permitted under this procedure before submitting the invoice to the employee's supervisor or authorized administrator assigned to review and approve the monthly cellular device bill.    


Note:  Personal use of a cellular device and plan issued under Procedure 5.22.2 is prohibited. Personal use may result in revocation of the employee's cellular device and plan usage. Except in the case of an essential use, the employee is subject to disciplinary action for the unauthorized use of the cellular device or plan. A call is considered essential if the employee establishes that the personal call was:   


  1. An unsolicited and isolated incoming call; or 
  1. of minimum duration, urgent in nature, and could not have been made from a different telephone. 

Employees must reimburse the state for all personal calls at the rate of .40 per minute. A check for reimbursement must be attached to the cell phone bill highlighting the personal calls. 




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