Renting a IT Solutions Academic Computer Center Lab(s)


How can I rent a IT Solutions computer lab? What does it cost to rent a computer lab?


Learning Space - Rental:

IT Solutions will rent the Academic Computer Center labs to external parties. Provided there is not conflict with class schedules and limited risk for damage to the lab. IT Solutions reserves the right to deny rental requests.

Scheduling Information:

  • Scheduling requests go to University Scheduling.
  • There is an expectation of at least a two (2) week lead-time for lab setup and support.
  • Canceled reservations after 24 hours will have a cancellation fee of $100


Customers are responsible for any damage that occurs to University owned assets and property while using our facilities, including damage incurred from consumables (coffee, soda, food, etc.).

The rental cost includes:

  • Access to allow guests by creating a temporary guest account on our network.
  • This will typically only allow access to the software on the machine and the Internet.
  • A staff member helping everyone get logged in and going.
  • Standard IT Solutions Center support provided throughout the rental period.
  • Labs will be available during normal hours of operation.
  • Storage on local machines that is wiped out nightly.
  • The ability to project images is available in most labs.
  • Most rooms are supplied with whiteboards and markers.
  • Basic comfort facilities are available adjacent to most computer labs.


The rental cost does not include:

  • Availability outside normal operating hours of the labs.
  • If a there is a requirement for an IT staff member to be present the entire time. There will be additional fees for elevated support during a rental period.
  • Additional software installation requests require an additional fee.
  • Printing access is at additional cost.
  • Additional hardware installation available upon request and for an additional charge. Examples: monitors, mice, webcams etc.


Space or equipment rental:

  • Daily Rental - $500 a day
  • Software Installation - Estimates based on software and installation time.
  • On site Technical Support - $80 per hour


Additional Service Charges:

  • In the case of specialized classroom equipment or if the customer decides to go beyond our standard computer models there may be additional charges.
  • The customer is also responsible for the cost to license software that is specific to her or his needs and doesn't exist on a campus-wide agreement.
  • Time required for resolution of service calls will vary, depending upon the nature of the problem and availability of personnel. While most problems will be resolved immediately, others may require a scheduled appointment.
  • When problem resolution goes beyond our local expertise, we will then work with the external vendors outside our stated response times.


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