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ResLife Connectivity Issues

All issues with networking in the resident halls including Stadium Heights, Crawford, McElroy, Preska and Julia Sears should be directed to Apogee who provides all networking, cable TV and IPTV

FlexSync Classroom: How to End a Meeting

Question How do I end a meeting in a FlexSync classroom?  Overview While in a meeting, the controls on the Zoom Touch Display will automatically hide after a few seconds. Tap the Zoom

FlexSync Classroom: Camera or View Froze for Zoom Particpants

Question How do I fix a frozen camera or view for zoom participants in a FlexSync Classroom? Overview In the technology rack at the teachers’ station, find the Vaddio Box. This technology

Copyright and Fair Use

What is considered fair use of copyrighted media? Where can I find information regarding Copyrights and Fair Use? ... Overview This article contains all information required to know for copyright and fair use. Resolution Fair Use is the ability to use copyrighted materials without the permission of the

Outlook - Export Addresses from the Junk Email Filter Lists (Windows)

Question How do I export my Outlook Junk Email Filter lists?  Overview The Outlook Junk Email Filter checks the sender of every incoming message against lists of email addresses and Internet

FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Viewers Hearing a Constant High Pitch Squeal and other Micrphone Issues

Question How do I fix the zoom viewers hearing a constant high pitch squeal?  Overview In the rack at the teachers station find the Vaddio box. This rack is on the teaching side, and

Outlook - Import Outlook Signature File and Quick Parts (Windows)

Question How do I import Outlook Signature File and Quick Parts?   Overview Check to see if your Signature files are available to you in Outlook. The migration should have copied these over

Diploma Lists

Overview This article goes over how one may generate a Diploma List of the Registrar Office Resolution Internal Only 1.     In SQL Server Management Studio connect to server sql12-n1

Change Default Ringtone

through the zoom app, follow the steps below: Click on your profile on the upper right-hand side in the Zoom Application Select Settings > Audio > Scroll down to Ringtones You

MavAPPS for Windows

address will not work. You should get a login prompt for the Citrix Workspace app. Enter your StarID and password and click on Log On. This should bring you into your

Remote Connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Macs

access the software available as you normally would To Disconnect: Double-click on the Logoff button in the bottom left-hand corner If the Icon did not automatically

FlexSync Classroom: Start a Zoom Meeting

Question How do I start a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview Prior to your meeting time you should have created a meeting space and shared the invitation to that meeting space with

Report Office 365 Spam

information-security ... Question How do I report a spam or phishing email?  Overview Microsoft Outlook for Windows There are two ways to report a phishing/spam email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows

Outlook - Import Rules

Import Rules from dialog box displays. Navigate to the folder in which you saved your rules backup file, select the .rwz file, and then click Open You will notice the screen behind the Option windows

MavPRINT Touchless Printing

.  Students who use MavPRINT can quickly release a document or file to be printed on a MavPRINT printer using a smartphone and the QR code on the MavPRINT printer. No need to sign in using the MavPRINT