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Outlook - Copy Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

Question How do I copy my Outlook Signature for Mac?   Overview 1. In the Finder go to /Users/starid/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data

Become a Content Creator for Your Department in the Mav Life App

Mav Life as a way to share content with the student audience, including news and events. As a Content Creator for your department, you can:  Post content in the News Feed  Create

D2L Brightspace: Retaking a Quiz with Incorrect Questions Only

Question How do I allow students to retake a quiz with incorrect questions only? Overview To set-up a quiz so students retake a D2L Brightspace quiz with incorrect questions only: Edit

D2L Brightspace: Emergency Instructor Course Access

In the event that an instructor needs to substitute for another instructor during the course of a semester or after a semester has completed and contains the previous instructor's intellectual

Zoom: Sign In on iPhone or Android Using University Account

Question How do I sign into the Zoom app on iPhone using my University Zoom account?  Overview Download the ZOOM app from the Apple App Store or Download the ZOOM app from the Google Play

D2L Brightspace: Create and Send Automated Emails Using Intelligent Agents

intelligent ... instructor. It then creates a log of activity that can be reviewed later. And, if you chose, the agent will automatically send an email to the instructor, student, or both to notify of the activity

Multi-Factor Authentication - Automatic Enrollment

Question Have I been enrolled in MFA? How can I re-enroll now that my MFA has been reset by IT? Overview MNSU Multi-Factor Enrollment If you see the message below when logging into Office

D2L Brightspace: Tag someone in a Discussion using @Mentions

Question What does the @Mentions feature do? How do I tag someone in a discussion? How can I get notified if someone mentions me in a discussion? Overview @Mentions allows you to tag others

D2L Brightspace: Add a Teacher's Assistant or Co-Instructor

Question How do I add a Teacher's Assistant in D2L Brightspace? How to I request enrollment of a Co-Instructor in my course? Request Form Use our Add a TA or Co-Instructor form to fast track

D2L Brightspace: Set-up Follett ACCESS links in your course

Question What is Follett ACCESS? How do I set-up links in my D2L Brightspace course to provide student access to eBooks and other materials/activities? What is Follett ACCESS? Follett ACCESS

Turnitin: Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace

Question What is Turnitin Online Grading? How do I set-up the Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace Assignments? Overview The Turnitin Online Grading tool allows

D2L Brightspace: Submit a request for third-party software integration

Question My publisher says their software integrates with D2L, how do I make that work? The online workbook I use says it does "grade sync" to D2L grades, how can I set that up? How do I

Text Messages Sent By The University and Opt In/Out Procedures

Question How do I opt in/out of receiving text messages from the University? Overview There are three sources of text messages sent by The University StarALERT E-services - Text

Embedding LinkedIn Learning Videos in a D2L Brightspace Course

Adding LinkedIn Learning videos into your D2L Brightspace course takes just a few clicks. Please use the Google Chrome web browser for adding LinkedIn Learning videos as there are currently

D2L Brightspace: Update the Instructor Profile widget on course homepage

Question What is the Instructor Profile widget? | How do I update the Instructor Profile widget in D2L Brightspace? | How can I add office hours or Zoom meeting info to the widget?  Overview